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What We Do for You

Designing Your Website
All of the collected information about your business is transformed into one or several pages, in an organized and easy to follow layout.

Pictures, Text, and Artwork
We create the text for your website either by working from information your already have (like brochures) or starting from scratch.

Artwork is either designed specifically for you or we can use copyright free art. We have experience in photography and video as well if you need those services.

Building Your Website
This is when we transform the design you approve into computer pages with dynamic or interactive content ready for the Internet.

Create a Logo, if you need one
People remember your business if you have a logo that visually or literally explains what you do.

Domain Name
This is the name people will use to find you on the Internet. For example, our domain name is: dianeswebsites.com. We can secure a name for your business if you don't have one yet. You pay nothing, it is part of what we offer to our clients when you get a website from us. Many other sites charge for this service.

We will help you set up your E-mail, if you want it. It is free with your website. Having E-mail allows people to contact you 24 hours a day without disturbing you. You check your E-mail at your convenience.

Hosting. When your site is ready to go LIVE!
Your website information is kept on a special computer called a "server." The server computer is the "host" that "serves" your web page to anyone who requests it.

Search Engines - One way people find you
We submit your website to the top free search engines. This will help people find you when they search for a business. Unlike many competitors, we don't charge for this. It is included.

Updates to your Website
Whenever you want to change something on your website we can do it very easily. Have a new phone number? Want to add a new picture? Change the text? Just let us know and we will update the information.

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